Unlimited Aerobatics collaborates with the CAC of Madrid in the promotion of general aviation and air sports:

  • Initiation flights
  • Radial Days
  • The Triangular Cup




Radial Days are days dedicated to flying aircraft associated with the club (mainly airplanes powered by radial engines), and training and demo flights. Radial Days are events held for companies, associations and groups of fans who wish to spend an unforgettable aeronautical day, flying and watching up-close some of the best flying available worldwide, all in a small and private venue

If you are interested in organizing a Radial Day for your company, club or group of friends, contact us, and we will give you more details.


The Triangular Cup (CTVA) was the most popular aerobatic competition in Spain between 2004 and 2010. Initiated by Vitas Lapenas (National Team coach), CAC and Unlimited Aerobatics, the CTVA was the catalyst that triggered one of the brightest moments in Spanish aerobatics. Some of todays best pilots such as Cástor Fantoba, Juan Velarde, Anselmo Gámez, Juan Socias, Yago Alonso competed in the top category, while it enabled the rising stars such as Alex Balcells, David Membrives, Santiago Sampietro to take their initial steps in international competition.

The CTVA also attracted great international names such as Mika Brageot, Francois Le Vot, Olivier Masurel, Pierre Varloteaux, Alexander Krotov … and extraordinary International Judges.