Born in Pamplona in 1966.
Cástor holds a Degree in Aeronautical Engineering from Madrid’s Universidad Politécnica. After working for several years in aircraft maintenance, his passion for aviation led him to become a pilot. He currently holds a Commercial Pilot’s License with Boeing 737, 757 and 767 ratings and is also a firefighting pilot.

He is a flight instructor and a member of the Spanish National Acrobatic Team since 1999. He won his first National Championship in 2002. European Champion in 2014, double bronze medal in the 2015 World Championship, 6 times Spanish Overall Champion and officially recognized as a High-Level Sportsman (DAN) by Spain’s National Sports Council since 2005. He has won more than 40 medals for Spain over the course of his sporting career, obtaining six top-category medals in a single competition (EAC 2014).


Sporting Highlights

Presently number 3 in the World. Overall Spanish Champion 2002, 2009, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018

Bronze Medal, Freestyle, World Championship
Bronze Medal Free Known programme, World Championship
Bronze Medal 2 nd Unknown programme, World Championship

Bronze Medal, Freestyle, European Championship
Bronze Medal in the Classic Free Program, European Championship

Bronze Medal, World Championship
Bronze Medal Freestyle, World Championship
Silver Medal in the Classic Free Program, World Championship

European Unlimited Overall Champion
Gold Medal Known programme
Bronze Medal Free programme
Silver Medal Unknown programme 1
Bronze Medal Unknown programme 2
Team Bronze Medal

Champion FAI Desert Challenge
Second place HC, Freestyle, World Championship
Runner-up, China Aerobatic Challenge

Absolute Champion, Sebring Aerobatic Championships (USA)
Bronze Medal, Al Ain Aerobatic Airshow
Third Place Team HC, European Championship
Bronze Medal, China Aerobatic Challenge

Champion, FAI World Elite Aerobatic Formula
Bronze Medal, China Aerobatic Challenge

Silver Medal Freestyle, European Championship
Silver Medal, FAI Grand Prix. Motegi
Bronze Medal Team, European Championship

Silver Medal Team, World Championship
1 st place in Programme 1, World Championship

Gold Medal, 2 nd Unknown Programme. European Championship
Silver Medal Team. European Championship





Alejandra Moore Mayorga:
Team Manager. Co-founder of Unlimited Aerobatics.




Nikolai Nikitiuk
The Spanish Team Coach. Former member of the Soviet Union and Russian Teams.
Three times European Champion, USSR Champion. Russian Glider Aerobatics Team Coach. One of the best pilots in the history of aerobatics.



Vytas Lapenas:
The Master. Without him, none of this would have been possible. He came, taught us how to understand aerobatics and life itself. He left us after touching all our lives. How we miss you!