The best aerobatic plane in the world. 400 HP and weighing 700 kg, after its first flight in 1984, it is still The King. With more power and traction than any other, the main challenge is taming this brutal mount. Few manage it, but for those that do, the result is awesome.

One of the few certified airplanes competing in the highest category. Reliable, accurate and easy to fly. Fitted with a Lycoming 300 hp engine our Extra 300 LP is the right plane to take your basic aerobatic skills to higher levels.





Perfect for the aerobatic beginner, whatever the age. This is the best basic
trainer in the skies. The Decathlon was designed initially in the 1970’s in the
US. The Decathlon design passed through the hands of a number of companies through the 1980s and in 1990 the Super Decathlon was brought back into production. It is still being produced today. Its sustained success is a testament to its solid engineering and great functionality.
Our 180 HP constant speed prop Super Decathlon features tandem seating and centre-stick controls and with a wingspan at 32 feet (9.8 m). It offers great agility thanks also to its semi-symmetrical air-foil, giving better inverted flight and negative-g manoeuvre capabilities.

The engine has a fuel injection system, as opposed to a carburator. To facilitate negative-g flight, the fuel system incorporates a 1.5-gallon header tank beneath the instrument panel, and the engine is fitted with a Christen Industries inverted oil system.