Cástor teaches aerobatics exclusively through UA Training.

Dares Aviation Flight School, operating out of Madrid, is a preferred partner of UA Training, for all non-aerobatic training required by our pilots.

The personalized courses, including theory and practical sessions, are led by Cástor Fantoba.

Group courses are taught by our selected associate instructors, all of whom are competition pilots. All final checks-flights are made by Cástor Fantoba personally.

If you are interested in aerobatic training or in the Aerobatic Experience, contact us.

Train and compete with our fleet from Elementary to Unlimited level,

Súper Decathlon, Extra 300LP and Extra 330SC.

Aerobatic Training Courses

Duration: 3 days
Nº Flights: 9
Flight time: 5 hours
Briefing time: 5 hours (+3 hours study at home)
Requirements License LAPL/PPL/CPL/ATPL current, SEP current.

The Aerobatic Rating permits you to fly aerobatics. If you want to start competing or flying aerobatics as a hobby, this is the course you need to complete.

The EASA AR course we provide at UA TRNG starts with the basic upset recovery training, the full range of spin recoveries through to an introduction to FAI Sportsman category competition aerobatics. It not only is it the course that legally authorizes you to fly acrobatics, it gives you the basics and the confidence to start practicing it on a sporting level.

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Type: Custom training
Duration: Rate per day, programmes are developed to meet each pilots’ objectives
Nº Flights: Up to 3 per day
Flight time: 1 hour
Briefing time per flight: 1 hour
Requirements License LAPL/PPL/CPL/ATPL current, SEP current.

Cástor Fantoba works and defines with each student a programme to suit their needs and objectives, these can include:

Check-ride for Extra 300L
Check-ride for Super Decathlon
Special training for Spin exits
Tail-wheel training and check-ride

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Type: Basic flight techniques and aircraft control recovery
Duration: 1 day
Nº Flights: 1
Flight time: 15 minutes
Briefing time: 15 minutes
Requirements PPL, ULM, CPL licence

One-hour group briefing with a syllabus based on the prevention and recovery of abnormal positions, with a practice flight of 15 minutes per pilot. Specially designed for aeroclubs and small groups of light aircraft pilots. The ground school and the flights are carried out over one day, the ground school course being taught in the early morning followed immediately by the flights.

The course addresses the techniques used for recovery from upset positions that the sport pilot can find themselves in unexpectedly. Spins, high speed and low speed stalls, how to avoid them and recuperation techniques are discussed in detail.

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Advanced UPRT
Type: Advanced UPRT
Duration: 2 days, 5 hours ground school
Nº Flights: 5
Flight time: 3 hours
Briefing time: 1 hour
Requirements CPL/ATPL current, SEP current. According FCL.745

Adaptation courses for Extra 300L or Super Decathlon, recovery of abnormal manoeuvres and incipient spin recovery. This course covers the UPRT Recovery training needed for MPL, ATPL, CPL and to begin your first Type Rating.

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with Cástor Fantoba
UPRT Instructor
Type: Instructor UPRT
Duration: 2 days, 5 hours ground school
Nº Flights: 5
Flight time: 3 hours de vuelo dual
Briefing Time: 1 hour
According FCL.915, the student must pass an interview with the school HT, maximum 6 months before beginning the training.
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Aerobatic Experience

Aerobatic Experience

If you are interested in training with Cástor Fantoba or in Arebatic Expirience, get in touch.

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